What is ELCRO?

ELCRO (愛克勞) Korean Ginseng Healthy Energy delivers 1,500mg of the purest, highest quality Korean Red Ginseng Extract (Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 = 12mg/g); Korean Red Ginseng Extract.

For over 1,500 years practitioners of Eastern medicine have used Korean Red Ginseng to improve circulation, increase blood supply, and stimulate the body, Korean Ginseng is believed to promote energy that is active, bright, and creative. Enjoy ELCRO Korean Ginseng Healthy Energy Drink and get energized! “Rejoice Evermore!”

*Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3=26.21mg/g. Certificated by Korea Advanced Food Research Institute.

Our Philosophy

We distinguish yourself into a small but strong enterprise and become the market leader in System Mechanism, making you the leader in customer confidence and trust.


These are our certifications of analysis (Certificated by Korea Advanced Food Research Institute and Hanwool Life Science in Korea)


Healthy Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

  • Boost Immune System, Energy & Stamina
  • Support Fatigue Resistance, Blood Circulation, Memory Function
  • Raw Material & Contents
    Red ginseng concentrate 1200mg, High Fructose, Refined sugar, Carbon dioxide, Citric acid, Apple concentrate, Honey, Nicotinic acid, Inositol, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Taurine, Guarana extract, Sodium chloride, Sucralose








The Premium Healthy Energy Drink

The truly unique healthy energy drink ELCRO is made with natural Korean Red Ginseng which includes the most saponin and which delivers maximum strength and energy.

Healthy Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

  • Boost Immune System, Energy & Stamina
  • Support Fatigue Resistance, Support Blood Circulation, Memory Function

Effects of of Korean Red Ginseng

  • Increase physical and mental stamina
  • Improve circulatory system function help adjust blood pressure and lower cholesterol
  • Helps prevent cancer development
  • Improve respiratory system function, immunity and digestive function
  • Improve kidney function, sexual stamina
  • Fight against impotency
  • Improve the appetite of children and adult
  • Help to lower blood sugar level and good for diabetes
  • Increases production of red blood cells
  • Help to Central Nervous System, relieve nervousness, stress, depression and insomnia
  • Help to fight against drug and action chemical dependency
  • Prevents cellular damage from oxidation
  • Enhances brain activity benefiting the psycho-neurological system
  • Protects the liver and detoxifies alcohol

Healthy Benefits

  • Energy : ELCRO red ginseng has ginsenosides that make body strong enough to withstand the strain of mental, biological and physical stress. They also help in enhancing endurance levels as well as coordination and muscle tone and sharpen the reflexes.
  • Anti-Cancer : ELCRO ginseng prevents the growth of cancer cells. The ginseng also converts abnormal cancer cells into normal cells. If used frequently, it can cure cancer.
  • Anti-Diabetes :Red ginseng reduces the level of glucose in the blood stream. It also Helps in metabolism of carbohydrates in diabetic patients as well as controlling cortisol levels.
  • Erectile Dysfunction : ELCRO red ginseng increases blood supply to the penis which leads to long – lasting and quality erections. It also improves the response of the nervous system.


  • Study : Ginesenoside-Rb1,Rg1,Rg2
    Highly effective in enhancing learning capabilities through learning memory development.
  • Fatigue : Ginsenoside-Rg1,Rb2
    Excellent results for fatigue through anti fatigue, recovery, immunity enhancement, and plasmin effect
  • Exercise : Ginsenoside – Rb1,Rg1
    Highly effective in delivering energy before & after exercises through stimulating adrenal cortex hormones, serum protein synthesis, cholesterol synthesis, and RNA synthesis.
  • Drinking : Ginsenoside-Rb2,Ro
    Great for detoxificatioinof alchol through anti hepatitis, anti diabetic NSALD, cholesterol decline and alcohol detoxification.
  • Stress : Ginsenoside-Rb1,Rc,Rf
    Excellent results for relieving stress through control of hypnosis, mental stability, central nervous system control, and lipid perosidation control.







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